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The View Point Boarding School is situated on the brink of a canyon near Pokhara with a view of the Himalaya mountains.

It was founded by M. Bahadur Giri, after his retirement  as a teacher, in order to provide children of poor peasants with education.  He financed it out of his retirement pension and from the money paid by the parents.

In the school there are about 300 pupils all aged between five and fifteen years, all of them planning to achieve their GCSE in their final year.  Half of the pupils are not able to pay their school fees.   The staff consists of 18 teachers and the school suffers from a huge lack of financial means.  But the relaxed atmosphere, the pride and studiousness of the pupils were impressive.

With only 220 € annually a child can be provided with a proper education, and his or her chances to end up in poverty or prostitution are reduced considerably.

Man Bahadur Giri Headmaster